Monodisperse PurePEG Reagents for Biomedical Applications.

Cleavable linkers
Cleavable PEG Linkers

Achieve precise control over product release with our cleavable PEG linkers.
Ideal for various applications.

PROTAC Linkers
PROTAC Linkers

Leverage PROTAC technology to target with precision.

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Lipid-PEG45, Now Exclusively at PurePEG

The outstanding Monodisperse PEG-lipids that stabilize COVID-19 vaccine with FIRST-EVER EXACT MASS PEAK!

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Monodispersed PEG Reagents
• Ultra High Purity
• Long chain PEGs
• Multi kilogram scale
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PEG Reagents Tailored to You
With a catalog of over 800 reagents, PurePEG offers a wide variety of end functional groups and molecular architecture to choose from, ensuring that we can provide the PEG that best suits your needs.
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Projects of Any Scale
From milligrams to hundreds of kilograms, PurePEG can supply a project of any size. We proudly serve academic researchers, CROs, small scale and large scale pharmacutical companies. How big is your next idea?
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No Chain is Too Long
PurePEG can even supply long chain PEG reagents as a single molecular weight species, offering highly pure PEGs up to 5kDa in size.
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PEG Reagents Made Custom
Not finding what you need in our catalog? Contact us, our chemists can synthesize a PEG reagent tailored to your specific needs.
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Specificity When You Need It
PurePEG can tailor a synthesis to your needs, controlling specific impurities through every step of the process and purification, as well as providing detailed impurity profiles from our expert QC department.
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PurePEG, LLC is a leading supplier of highly pure, monodispersed polyethylene glycol (PEG) products. With 12 years of experience to date, we are committed to providing the highest quality PEG reagents to fit any application.


PEGs have earned their place in the biomedical field due to their water solubility, non-toxicity, and non-immunogenicity properties. They are widely used in research for bioconjugation, assays, and bioorthogonal labeling purposes. To date, there are 12 PEGylated drugs approved by the FDA for treatment of a number of chronic diseases, with more approvals pending. PurePEG developed the first acid functionalized PEG used in an FDA approved antibody-drug conjugate (ADC drug) used to treat breast cancer. PEG’s impact on biological therapies cannot be understated. Despite a wider market of suppliers and manufacturers of PEG, PurePEG still stands at the forefront with our unparalleled quality of PEG and our ever-expanding PEG research and development



High-quality custom synthesis and contract research

Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

Mass spectrometry data

Analytical Test Methods

Low cost research

Quality Responsibilities

Control of documents

PurePEG specializes in supplying PEG reagents with discrete molecular weights, offering PEG reagents with up to min.99% purity

While most PEG products are a mixture of different molecular weights, PurePEG supplies monodisperse, sin gle molecular weight molecules. Through our innovative PurePEG TM technology, we have the ability to manufa cture high quality monodisperse PEGs with precise molecular weights in high purities. We also offer custom man ufacturing services for various related PEG compounds that aren’t found on our site’s catalog. Drop us an email at to inquire further about our capabilities.


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PEGylated dendrimers: a new way to deliver drugs

Our researchers, in collaboration with the biotechnology company Starpharma Holdings Ltd (ASX:SPL), have developed a new drug delivery method that could benefit thousands of patients worldwide with particular types of cancer, HIV and lymphatic conditions.

The Melbourne-based research team has shown...


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