Our Mission Statement

PurePEG is dedicated to providing high quality, high purity, monodisperse polyethylene glycol (PEG) for academic and commercial use. Our proprietary PurePEGTM technology allows us to manufacture PEGs to adhere to our high standards and purity. In addition to our growing catalog of over 800 unique compounds, we also strive to provide new research, custom synthesis, and highly accurate analytical test methods to ensure all of our products are of the highest quality possible.

Custom Synthesis

PurePEG delivers high-quality custom synthesis and contract research for a number of PEG products from milligram scale up to a metric ton. We guarantee competitive pricing, high quality, fast delivery and strict intellectual property protection. Please clearly specify the structure, purity, quantity and CAS number (if available) of the compound(s) you are interested in. We will respond within 48 hours of your request with a quote and lead time for the compound(s).

Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

CoAs will be provided for all products ordered from PurePEG. Mass spectrometry data can also be provided upon request.

Analytical Test Methods

A number of analytical methods are available for your review. PurePEG and its parent company reserve the right to disclose certain information under a Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement. PurePEG is able to develop custom analytical methods and to integrate additional testing for customized products in order to tailor our testing to best fit your needs.

Quality Responsibilities

• Qualification and validation activities
• Control of documents
• Batch record review
• Product release
• Investigation of non-conformances
• Risk assessment
• Implementation of corrective and preventive actions
• Change control and customer notifications
• Training
• Review and approval of final and raw material product specifications
• Review and approval of all manufacturing and packaging documents and operating procedures
• Method development and method validation of assays
• Writing and approving quality control procedures and protocols
• Sampling and testing of raw materials and final products